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Base Patio:

Price is to provide and install up to 550 Sq Ft of 3 piece concrete pavers. 

The Georgian Paver Patio Package includes 4” compacted crushed stone base, 1” granite sand to bed pavers, and a running bond style border set in a concrete footing, and polymeric sand joints. [$9,350]


Seating Wall:

Price is to provide and install 22’ long X 2’ high freestanding modular block seating walls. Footing will be compacted with a crushed stone base 4” thick. Seating wall includes a matching decorative wall cap. [$2,548]


Fire Pit:

Price is to provide and install a modular block fire pit kit. Fire pits will have a 30” inch diameter and include a steel ring insert to protect the block from heat. They will match the seating walls. [$1,300]


The Georgian Concrete Paver patio package provided and installed starts at just $9,350. After adding all options to the Georgian patio kit the total price goes up to [$13,198]

The Georgian