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Base Patio:

Price is to provide and install up to 550 Sq Ft of 3 piece concrete pavers. 

The Georgian Paver Patio Package includes 4” compacted crushed stone base, 1” granite sand to bed pavers, and a running bond style border set in a concrete footing, and polymeric sand joints. [$9,350]


Seating Wall:

Price is to provide and install 22’ long X 2’ high freestanding modular block seating walls. Footing will be compacted with a crushed stone base 4” thick. Seating wall includes a matching decorative wall cap. [$2,548]


Fire Pit:

Price is to provide and install a modular block fire pit kit. Fire pits will have a 30” inch diameter and include a steel ring insert to protect the block from heat. They will match the seating walls. [$1,300]


The Georgian Concrete Paver patio package provided and installed starts at just $9,350. After adding all options to the Georgian patio kit the total price goes up to [$13,198]

The Georgian

    • Existing concrete that must be removed will be invoiced separately. 

    • Elevations of and access to patio sites must be assessed by a sales associate before installation. Some patio sites may require a wall or removal of excess soil.This will be invoiced separately from the agreed upon price. 

    • Underground contingencies state that it is impossible for us to know what is buried underground. Stumps, rocks, excessive roots, irrigation, and other unknown issues will be invoiced separately as we discover them.

    • Pallets and leftover material are not part of the proposed patio package. Materials may be given to the customer but this will be done at the discretion of That’s My Patio.

    • That’s My Patio is owned and operated by RPM Landscape and Pavers. That’s My Patio is a DBA of RPM Landscape and Pavers. Payments will be made payable to RPM Landscape and Pavers. 

    • Terms are 50% payment upon signing the agreement. The final 50% balance will be due upon completion of the work.

Suggested color combinations: 

Sierra Paver & Sierra 

Cappuccino Paver & Sand Dune