About Us

That's My Patio is a sister company to RPM Landscape and Pavers. A company for large scale custom hardscape designs such as, pools, retaining walls, driveways and more! 


That's My Patio fits strictly in the paver patio category. We wanted to appeal to all client bases so we came up with a way to offer patio packages to those who have simpler hardscape needs.

The process from start to finish is faster since the design is complete from the beginning. No need for a sales call and estimate. You pick your design from the 10 we provide, choose additions, color and BAM you're done! The only thing left is for one of our crew to come assess your property and we will be able to schedule an install date! 


Shown in the photo from left to right is Bob Mullinax (Owner), Lindsay Mullinax (Bob's Wife) and Corin [Koko] Mawer (Assistant and Marketing Manager)! 

Bob is the creative genius behind every

That's My Patio design. He has been in the hardscape field for over 20 years as

a project manager and business

owner fulfilling numerous projects! 

Lindsay is Bob's pillar behind the scenes being the ultimate super mom and wife making sure everything dealing with the company goes smoothly. 

Corin [commonly know as Koko] is new to the scene taking the role of Bob's Assistant and both companies Marketing Managers.